So much more than a church.

Sunday Service

Sunday Service

Dec 16

Christmas Eve Services

Dec. 24 Christmas Eve Services:
5 p.m. Family Service including Brass,
choral ensemble, Jr. choir and candles.

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So Much More than a Church, So Many Reasons to Join!!

“The church is fostering our kids’ spiritual curiosity during Sunday school and during the service. The weekly HPPK program offers another place for them …

What my Church means to me?

(Guest Writer for December)

We moved to HPPC when I was 6 years old. Ever since then, the church has become …



Weekend Meals Mission and Moraine Township Food Pantry
Would you consider helping a child who is food insecure in Highland Park/Highwood? We’re looking for one time volunteers to purchase a bag of groceries to provide a District …
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Christian Education for 2018/2019

Sunday School, HPPK and Junior Choir
The children of the church have been busy learning and having fun in Sunday school. We’ve welcomed some new kindergartners to our mix and also had several kids “graduate” and move …
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Youth Group Meetings and Events

HPPC Youth Group
Youth Group ~ Monthly Moments
The 6th-11th graders are working together on a 12 part journey through the Bible over the next two years. We will continue to meet on the second Sunday of the …
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