Weekly Message from Rev. Perkins

Weekly Message from Rev. Perkins

Dear Friends:

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Consider this your three day warning if you are a son, a daughter, a husband and so on. While the special day may not be quite as special as it once was, it still has meaning especially for your mother. So do something! A couple of decades ago, church attendance boomed on Mother’s Day. It was usually one of the top two or three attendance days of the year. I can remember an elderly man in my first church in Oklahoma telling me he only came to church on two days, Easter and Mother’s Day.

Most of us hold our mothers or her memory in high regard. The mother child bond is very strong. Even when our mothers may have been less than perfect, we still remember them with love and affection. The best card I ever gave my mother was one where there was a photo of a little boy sitting at the dinner table with a plate of food in front of him. I don’t remember all the food on the plate but the dominant pile was one of pale green lima beans. The little boy is looking up at the camera with an unhappy and disgusted look and you know exactly what he thought about lima beans. No words on the front of the card but inside it said, “Well Mom, you were almost perfect”. My mother loved that card. You see I hated lima beans (still do). My mother used to make me sit at the dinner table until all the vegetables were gone which all too often involved lima beans. So everyone else would go about their business while I sat there and ate one bean at a time by swallowing it whole. Some might consider that child abuse but I don’t think I really held it against her.

My mom has been gone almost five years now. But she lived long enough to see here second son become a father and mother wrapped up in one extra large parent. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the women who have been motherly to my children. Especially I want to thank Kathy Salinger who has been like a mother to my kids, especially the girls and Norma Cape who has been a surrogate grandmother to them. And then there’s the rest of the congregation who friend my kids on Facebook, greet them at the grocery stores and ask me how they are all doing. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to all you motherly types, female and male.