Monthly Message from Rev. Perkins

Monthly Message from Rev. Perkins

Dear Friends,

When November’s crisp air hits your face, you know it is time for stewardship season at the church. Although it is probably not most people’s favorite church season, it is absolutely essential to the church. I wish all of us would be good stewards of our talent, treasure and time all year round but I also know that we need to emphasize it at least some of the time. Personally I try to emphasize it throughout the year so every now and then a stewardship sermon pops up unexpectedly reminding all of us that being a Christian means caring: for the world, for each other, for our church community.

Giving of oneself is always a good thing. We have a need to give and your church doesn’t have any other way of continuing without your giving. In this church like most Presbyterian churches, we ask for tokens of your commitment, which we call pledge cards. We are asking that pledge cards be brought to church on November 11, and brought forward at the appropriate time during the worship service. That is the day of our annual autumn banquet later in the afternoon. It will be the season of thanksgiving and there is no more appropriate time to give back a part of our gracious gifts from God.

While there are no major new expenses to address in 2019, we are facing the loss of a major giver this past year that will have consequences in our income in 2019. Therefore we kindly ask for your generosity in trying to fill the gap between expenses and income. Please give generously to your church.

On Sunday, November 18, we will bring food to be distributed through our Thanksgiving collection. This year we are also encouraging cash gifts on Thanksgiving Sunday to be used by the food pantry to purchase needed protein and other food which they can obtain for pennies on the dollar. I cannot stress enough how giving is its own reward. In this season of Thanksgiving and celebration of the abundant life, may you all be blessed.