Weekly Message from Rev. Perkins

Weekly Message from Rev. Perkins

Dear Friends:

October is a busy month at HPPC. Three Sundays in particular have special worship significance. On October 1 we will have World Communion in the morning service which is a time when more churches around the world are celebrating the sacrament together than at any other time. On October 15 we will have Homecoming Sunday during morning worship. Our third graders will receive bibles during the service. There will be church trivia questions, celebrations of accomplishments and a new photo montage. Then on October 29 we will have Reformation Sunday and we will have our annual visit by a bagpiper and you are encouraged to wear your Scottish outfits if you have one. This year marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses of protest to the church door in Wittemburg. I hope many of you will be here for these important events..

Despite the summer like weather, I have seen a few leaves changing colors a and Autumn is arguably Chicago’s best season. October is a showy month in God’s beautiful world and here in our wonderful church community. The fallen leaves remind me of a poem by Cathy Cummings Chisholm.

Fallen, dethroned…
Leaves pushed from lofty perches
By the dwindling light of late summer
their work of breathing and feeding done.

Fallen, finished…
Dancing across a driveway
in ever-changing patterns
choreographed by wind and feet.

Fallen, pausing…
before continuing the journey
of life and death and life again.

Author of Life itself,
Guide my journey of faith through every season.