Weekly Message from Rev. Perkins

Weekly Message from Rev. Perkins

Dear Friends,

Transformation has been the operative word for preaching and teaching in the church for over 30 years now. We preach and teach for transformation. Transforming us from what we are to what we can become. It’s a good word. Some synonyms occur to me like Change, Transfiguration and Growth.

When Jesus called his disciples they became transformed or at least many did. How else does one explain how Simon the fisherman could become Peter the Rock of the Church or how Saul the persecutor of Christians could become Paul the Apostle. I wish that all of us were seeking transformation to be better followers of Jesus. I fear it is not so. All that some of us want is some kind of fire insurance. But transformation is what Jesus seeks in us, so that we might be changed and we might change the world.

In essence that is what Lent and Holy Week are all about, transformation: the transformation of a Messiah from a
war leader to fight off the Romans, to a sacrificial lamb offering himself for the sins of the world, the transformation of weak and scared disciples to builders of the community of God, the transformation of a needy world to a free, just and fairer world.

May this transforming spirit infect us all this Lenten season and let this Easter awaken in each of us the will and courage to transform ourselves and our world.

See you in Church,