Lake County

Rebuilding Together: This project is an extreme home make over for lower income or in most cases elderly homeowners who own their homes but are unable to keep up with the maintenance of their properties. This opportunity for “hand on” mission work is open to anyone 14 years or older, using all skill levels.

Curt’s Cafe
Habitat for Humanity
Family Network
Lake County Crisis Center

Moraine Township Food Pantry: HPPC collects and donates food and other essential products to help aid the lower income families of Highland Park.

Erie Health Reach Clinic: Erie Family Health Center delivers culturally sensitive health care to nearly 70,000 medical patients and 12,000 dental patients. Our community-based health centers are portals to high-quality care—and a higher quality of life—for all.

Safe Haven: helps people aspire, transform and sustain their lives as they transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency with pride and purpose. A Safe Haven provides the tools for each individual to overcome the root causes of homelessness through a holistic and scalable model. A Safe Haven’s visible social and economic impact unites families, stabilizes neighborhoods, and creates vibrant, viable communities.

Friends for Health
Friends For Health is a 501c(3) publicly-supported foundation, established in 2002 to assist, through volunteerism and philanthropy, the efforts of the Lake County Health Department/Community Health Center. We strive to build our shared dream of medical, dental and wellness care for people in southeast Lake County who are in need.
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