Christian Education for 2018/2019

Sunday School, HPPK and Junior Choir
The children of the church have been busy learning and having fun in Sunday school. We’ve welcomed some new kindergartners to our mix and also had several kids “graduate” and move to the 3rd-5th grade room. New mixes of kids bring new questions and a renewed sense of learning on our classrooms.
HPPK is up and running and full of energy! We’ve been studying the Fruits of the Spirit and applying what we’ve learned to our daily lives. We have begun working on our Nativity play and are, once again, excited to share what we’ve learned with the congregation in December.

Our four member junior choir is singing beautifully these days. The choir had the opportunity to sing during service in October and the girls are looking forward to singing during service in November once again. The choir is also working on a special song that they will sing during the nativity play. If you’re a 3rd-8th grader, join our next Wednesday evening practice. We would love to have your voice!