Mission Partners

Equal Exchange and Moraine Township Food Pantry are only two of HPPC’s many mission partners.

Weekend Meals Mission and Moraine Township Food Pantry
Would you consider helping a child who is food insecure in Highland Park/Highwood? We’re looking for one time volunteers to purchase a bag of groceries to provide a District 112 student with weekend food. No long term commitment. Just bring the bag of groceries (approximately $17) to the church on needed dates. It’s so easy! Please sign up for a date on the Deacon board in the parlor. We have March, April, & May dates available. Thank you for supporting this important mission!

Equal Exchange regularly hears about the negative effect that climate change is having on their farmer partners, from abnormally heavy rains to unseasonably warmer temps. They have taken steps to combat climate change by launching “The Climate Justice Initiative.” This initiative encourages global divestment from harmful fossil fuels and investment in small-scale organic agriculture.

You can help EE take action by recognizing your own personal power and join the “Divest-Invest” campaign. Align your money with your values: shop ethically and support small-scale farmers worldwide. For more information contact Sarah Lanchak at sad10@comcast.net.